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Zachary Sturman
Hi, I'm Zachary
what i do

I'm a front-end developer specializing in crafting exceptional user experiences through thoughtful UI/UX design and a focus on performance optimization. My passion for cutting-edge technologies drives my continuous learning and growth.

why i do it

My main passion is animal welfare, focusing on advocacy, and education. I actively contribute and participate in conservation efforts, emphasizing the importance of ethical treatment and protection for all animals. My efforts are aimed at promoting animal rights and fostering a culture of respect and compassion towards animals.

what i know
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • NextJS
what i've done

Feb, 2024

Xylo Clone: A High-Fidelity User Experience

A high-fidelity replica of the Xylo website built with a modern tech stack

  • Responsive Design for all devices
  • Animations, product exploration, and user-friendly interactions.
  • Efficient API integrations provide real-time data for a dynamic experience.

Jan, 2024

Evo Sol

A dashboard for LLM uploads and data management. Coming soon...

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